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♥ ♥ ♥ AGAIN THIS SALE!!! BE A SUPERMOM AND SHOP Thursday, February 14th FROM 6pm-8pm, THE NIGHT BEFORE PRE-SALE! Supermoms must work 4 shifts in the store with one being either check-in or pre-sale and one Sort. The other two are your choice. You must also help us distribute marketing!

♥ ♥ ♥ Early Workers shop at 9am on Friday, August 17th! You must work 2 shifts in the store and help us distribute marketing material!

♥ ♥ ♥ Workers get to shop at 11am on Friday, August 17th! All you have to do is one shift in the store! We love our volunteers!

The work shift information will be posted here when the next sale is scheduled.

Please contact Dawn if you can provide any of these below at

Volunteer to work in the store!

Help us host the many shoppers during the week! Volunteers may be greeting shoppers, organizing the store, hanging clothing, helping with check out, etc. No experience necessary. There are shifts on our VOLUNTEER page at all times during the day. WHEN YOU SIGN UP, we are counting on you! If something comes up you must contact Dawn via phone (575-740-8863) so she can make arrangements for more help. We appreciate you honoring your commitment to work with us.

Set up/Break down

It takes a lot of muscle to move our equipment from storage to our event location. With a few good men/women, it is an easier task. If your SO wants to help on Tuesday morning to move our racks/tables/tubs we will give you a workers pass! If he can help on the Wednesday following the sale, you can also receive a workers pass! Check the working shift schedule for these times, or contact for more details.

Marketing to your mom's group!

If you are a part of a mom's group and help arrange a time for Dawn to come talk about Rhea Lana's you will be given a credit for one volunteer shift. This will earn you a Worker's pass or you can combine that with any of our other incentives to get an earlier pass for our Pre-sale and 1/2 price Pre-sale! Please call (575)740-8863 or email me to set it up!

Brochure, Poster and Yard Signs Distribution -

We are looking for those of you who will help spread the word about Rhea Lana's in your community by distributing brochures to our target market- families with children. Possible places for brochure and poster distribution include preschools, day cares, dance studios, doctors offices and more. This is one of the most important keys to our success! The more people who know about our sale the more great items we have to sell and the more people will come to buy your things! Contact me if you are interested in helping distribute brochures in your town.

Referrals -

Your word is our best advertisement and it can make you more money on what you sell! If you refer 2 people to our sale and they consign we will give you a 5% bump of your percentage. If you refer 4 people to our sale and they consign we will give you a 10% bump in your percentage. You get more money and you get to choose from more items at the sale. To benefit from this incentive your referrals need to e-mail us when they register and give us your name. Your referral must consign (enter and bring to the sale) at least 20 items.

Goody Bag Stuffers -

We will need help stuffing 250 goody bags for our shoppers. This will be done the day before check in at our sale location. We love to have this job available for pregnant ladies who can't work on their feet during the sale but want to volunteer. Let me know if you're interested,